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Amazing! Sch a deep song!

Original idea and a very touching song, is this a personal experience or just an idea?

jackbliss responds:

Well some of it is... like gettin rejected by a record company and finding out the girl I liked was actually avoiding me because she loved someone else. The old man dying was based on my grandfather losing his wife in 2008 and some were pretending to be sad while he was totally destroyed inside and was never the same again. Rest are based on my own imagination of what a loser might feel like. Thanks for the review!

some of it was godd, some of it...not as much

for exmaple acappella band ws friggin awesome, by far the best, some others i don't even see why they got in

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really grest animation!
how long did it take you make this?
btw just make characters look

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When you put an art collab together,

you choose the good pics only, which makes it less boring. Like the others say, most of i is horrible, but there are some good funny ones.
But yeah, it's not the quantity that matters.

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Get a sense of humor?

Dude you're a hater and if your gonna bash on someone, don't do it online, I don't care if you don't like the band and there's no reason to piss off the fans and game looks horrible...

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I like it! :)

But it's old i think you could make a way better new version still, it's awesome!!!

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This song is hilarious,
nice job guys!

Dude nice!!!

I've tried to make one but it didn't really work,
nice job i'm voting for you!!!
Btw what program did you use?

CYYS responds:

Thanks, Man. ! I used FL Studio

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Hahahaha I love it!!!

I just adore the style used here and like said bfore, the expression on his face is one of the best things, along with the background!
This proves that a picture doesn't have to be detailed and realistic to be awesome, good job!!!

Brakkenimation responds:

Thanks dude, I appreciate your kind words!


You totally go the colors right which gives this picture a very powerful look.

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Awww this is really nice...

Evrehbody gotta luv pokemanz!
This is a really image and it deserves a 10.

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